How to survive a job you hate.

I am 523 days since I first realized I hate my job. I know the date because I looked up how many days it was until I reached one year of working at the company. I want last at least one years as there are career and financial benefits to reach such a milestone.

I hate my job for no real explicit reason and I am starting to suspect I hate working altogether. Maybe I am burnt out, who knows but I have to work so I better figure out how to manage the struggle.

Here is a list of four approaches that helped me achieve my goal of reaching a year milestones with my current employer.

1. Step off the ladder
IĀ fill in my timesheet, do what is required. Nothing more. Once I realized that my time is limited you can prioritize yourself over the company.

Let the strivers stress over the extra-circular bullshit. I find that a job where you work for the pay cheque is easier to accept than one where you define yourself by it.

2. Avoid Active Expenses
The opposite of "passive investment" is an "active expense". I personally consider "active expense" like housing but also more other bothersome investments like negatively geared property. Anything that actively demands ongoing supply of money is to be avoided.

This includes holiday houses, boats, sports cars, caravans or renovations that you might buy to compensate for the misery of your job but these active expenses ultimately entangle you further.

Passive investments are your freedom. An "Active expense" is your slavery.

3. Cultivate Options
I love options. I relax once I realize I have options.

Employers know now no one is irreplaceable and if someone is they will invest a significant amount to give themselves options. In their view I am expendable so I should work on reciprocating that.

Options can be having some FUCK YOU money, a partner who works, a side job, self-education or perhaps even a job offer (even if you won't accept it).

I have a friend who has job interviews and rejecting offers. He is always selling, himself. He rarely accepts any offer but since he lacks any other option to maintain his lifestyle but find a similar or higher paying job this his strategy.

4. Game Face
Don't ever let anyone know you hate your job or work itself. It's your dirty little secret. All your fellow job slaves are not your mates. If it's in the favor to hint your satisfaction they will. Sadly, it is almost always in their favor to big note themselves and pushes you down.

5. Acceptance
Employment sucks, there are no dream jobs. You need to work but become a mercenary. Loyalty and effort are unrewarded and it is for fools. Play the game put on your "game face" & sing the songs and bear it until something better comes along.

Note: I would also like to suggest writing. I found writing a theoretic way of releasing the anguish of a workday.

This article was updated on January 3, 2019