Real Estate Agents Are Not Your Mates

Real Estate Agents will try to convince you to buy what you don't need and extract every last pre-approved borrowed dollar. As soon as you arrive for an open they have profiled you, based on where you live, your car and how you speak and they are will ask targeted questions to fill the gap. In moments they know you better than you know yourself. Agents could be brilliant executives or politicians but the money just isn’t big and easy enough.

I’ve often wondered what agents do all day when not opening houses for inspection. To be honest, I don’t have a clue but after speaking to them over the years, I can guess. They are perfecting their art, by getting better at selling. To do that they are busy training in body language, physiology, data analysis, brainstorming and engaging in the art of selling all day long.

Whereas the average buyer or seller is an amateur, they haven't been trained on how to study their emotional response to viewing houses nor do they have any experience in negotiating multi-million dollar deals? Such emotional messes are easy targets for professional sales people.

If you have ever sold a house agents work in ‘campaigns’, yes a campaign something they use in war. You are in war and buyers & sellers alike are as unaware as they are unarmed in this conflict. An agents first battle in the broader campaign is getting the listing from a seller. The next battle is to win the commission by selling the house, ideally but not critical for the most money to the most eager sucker with too much desire and money. It is naive to assume a war is won by doing nothing, agents are strategising tactical and strategic solutions before the place is even listed and continue to do so until someone signs over thirty years of serfdom.

When selling a property the agent is identifying targets markets and then have an interior designer run through the place to cater for these markets. Then the place will be ‘detailed’ like a used car - every odd mark or damage, treated. Open after open the stage is set for the show. Once sold the set is unlikely to look as good again.

Once listed, the agent is testing and evolving the strategy. They are asking themselves, Is the price working? What issues do people mention? (cue workshopping counter arguments), can I meet the sellers expectations? Most likley they can't so they get to work on manageing their expectations, downwards.

This is our proposed rules with agents and how we deal with agents:
  1. Agents arn’t your friend
  2. Agents that they never lie, they bullshit
    1. exaggerate the positive
    2. smother the negative

I am stating the obvious but agents are not your mate. Would a mate bullshit you into buying a house for too much without any competition? You are in fleeting commercial relationship with benefits. They call you and want to talk to you unlike your real friends. They want to know all about you unlike your mates. They may reveal some aspects about themselves. But ultimately agents are not looking out for you, they want to exploit you.

So next time you to open and they ask you what you think. Say nothing. They are preying on accepted social norm, you should answer a question when asked. So in the answer you can give away nothing or turn it back into a question. Every question is probing and you will reveal more by submitting. Just walk away and small talk if you have to say something.

Agents will exploit your fears and wants with surgical precision. They are prepared and you are not, do yourself a favour and don’t engage and remember they out for themselves and they are certainly not your mates.